College Basketball TV- Where to Watch Michigan vs. Loyola-Chicago Final Four online: 2018 NCAA Tournament live stream, time, date

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On the one side of the March Madness brackets, both No. 1 seeds were lost in the ridiculousness of the opening weekend, and Loyola-Chicago and Michigancapitalized. Staring across the bracket at Villanova and Kansas are a No. 11 seed and a No. 3 seed — Cinderella and a team that is defying the odds to keep winning.

For Michigan, it’s been a strange route to get here. From a terrible win against Montana to a miracle shot against Houston in Wichita during the opening weekend, Michigan’s second weekend has looked a lot better. It demolished Texas A&Mbefore having struggles with a physical Florida State team, but behind ridiculously gritty defense it’s survived everything thus far.

Loyola-Chicago has had, if possible, a weirder road. It won its first three games by a combined four points before destroying Kansas State. The Sister Jean Dream is alive and well, and Loyola-Chicago tied for the highest seed to ever make the Final Four. Loyola-Chicago is keeping the Missouri Valley on the map, but right now it’s all about the Ramblers.

Michigan and Loyola-Chicago is, to be frank, a strange match-up. Michigan’s key players haven’t really played as such this tournament, with the Wolverines instead relying on a cohesive gameplan and stingy defense. Loyola-Chicago, meanwhile, is getting great play from Ben Richardson — who had a career high in the regional final against Kansas State — and it looks like it absolutely caught fire at the right time.

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